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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Arizona Uninsured Motorist Claim Attorney

I was injured in an accident, but do not want my insurance rates to increase if I file a claim. There are common misconceptions and misunderstandings about insurance coverage and filing claims after an auto accident. At Durrant & Associates, we have more than 40 years of experience and offer guidance and representation to clients throughout the East Valley and surrounding communities. If you have been injured or sustained property damage in a car accident, contact our Mesa underinsured motorist claim lawyers to learn how we can assist you.

First Party Claims

Under section 20-263, an insurance agency may not raise insurance rates on a policy if the claimant makes a first party claim to access coverage if the claimant was not at fault. Our Mesa motor vehicle accident law firm carefully explains insurance policies, coverage, and rights to individuals so that they are fully aware of what coverage they are entitled to.

Med Pay and Portable Coverage

Many individuals are not fully aware of common coverage under their insurance policy. If you are hit by an underinsured or uninsured driver, or are in an accident in a vehicle that is uninsured or underinsured, you are still able to access your coverage under your own insurance policy.

  • Portable coverage: Your insurance coverage follows you, not your car.
  • Medical Payments (Med Pay): Med pay is an option of your auto insurance that will cover medical expenses that are accident related, even if the accident was your fault. This includes chiropractic care, which is usually not covered by health insurance.

Understanding your Insurance

Whether you were recently in an accident or would like to evaluate or understand your car insurance policy, our Arizona underinsured motorist claim lawyers can assist you. It is our goal to increase your in-pocket recovery after an auto accident. To facilitate this, we can review your current insurance policy, evaluate what coverage you are entitled to, pursue the coverage you are entitled to, and adjust current policies to better protect you in the future.

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We work meticulously to discover coverage to get medical bills paid and ensure that you're are able to get the medical treatment you need. For assistance understanding your policy or seeking coverage after a car accident, contact our Mesa, Arizona, uninsured motorist claim attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation.