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Premises Liability

Mesa, Arizona, Slip and Fall Attorney

Premises Liability Accidents

Individuals injured on the property of a commercial establishment, homeowner, or city property are able to seek compensation for injuries under premises liability laws. Durrant & Associates has more than 40 years of experience and aggressively represents injured individuals in premises liability litigation. Contact our Phoenix dog bite lawyers and slip and fall attorneys for a free initial consultation.

Mesa, Arizona, Slip and Fall Cases

Our Arizona personal injury law firm, is skilled at handling slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents that occur on residential property and commercial property. We carefully evaluate the position our client was in when the fall occurred and what means for recovery exist.

Dram Shop Liability - Drunk Driving Accidents

If you have lost a loved one in an accident caused by a drunk driver, we can help. Bars and other establishments have a duty to act reasonably when serving alcohol to customers. If a patron leaves the bar having had too much alcohol and causes an injury or fatal accident, the bar may be liable. Consult with our personal injury lawyers for experienced assistance.

Dog Bites

Arizona has dog bite laws that benefit an individual's recovery after an animal attack. If you have sustained severe lacerations, punctured ligaments, or other injury from a dog bite, you are not required to prove the owner is liable. If the dog or other animal bit you, you will only need to prove your damages (medical bills, scarring, and other damages).

Inadequate security - Bar Assault, Parking Garage Assault

Insufficient security, negligent security, or inadequate security often result in injuries that could have been prevented. Our Mesa premises liability lawyers seek compensation for assaults, rapes, and other injuries caused by the negligent security in bars, parking ramps, and other premises.

Contact our Premises Liability Lawyers

Whether you have suffered a severe head injury, permanent scarring, or other severe injury, our law office is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. For aggressive legal representation, contact our Mesa, Arizona, slip and fall attorneys and premises liability lawyers today.